Electric Avenue Festival - Hagley Park Christchurch

Greentea Peng

If there’s one thing to know about Peng, she runs things her own way, writing lyrics that range from the spiritual to the overtly political, and recording her acclaimed debut album MAN MADE tuned to a frequency of 432 Hz, a semitone below the industry standard 440, may help go some way to explaining the subliminal ways she emanates both a vibe and a special energy.

Permeating Greentea Peng’s tracks are questions around identity, place and belonging, so it makes perfect sense that her debut COLOR’s live performance became such a viral hit and that MAN MADE’s release in the summer of 2021 instantly struck a resonant chord with listeners across the globe. 

Her musical inspirations are as encompassing as her unique ragamuffin style and shake up a psychedelic cocktail of R&B, while influences from the soul, dub and reggae she grew up with are laced in reverb-soaked electronics.

If your Saturday night needs a serious dose of positive energy, look no further. Greentea Peng’s recipe is more love, less ego and she has you covered.

“The sound of a spirit operating in a totally free manner” Clash magazine