Christchurch’s biggest day out is back and bigger than ever – with more than 25 acts, multiple stages and 12 hours of festival fun, Electric Avenue Music Festival promises to deliver another huge celebration of music and arts right in the heart of Christchurch’s Hagley Park on February 26th 2022.


Where can I purchase tickets online?
Sorry, tickets are not availbe yet for the 2022 event. You can pre register for next years event by CLICKING HERE

Do I need to print my tickets out?
Physical tickets are much faster – we recommend you print them however we are able to scan from most mobile devices.

Can I purchase tickets at the gate?
Tickets will be only available on the gate, if the event does not sell out. We strongly recommend purchasing your tickets prior to the event.

I have a query about Credit Card payment, Direct Deposits, Instalments or other ticketing transactions.
Please contact the ticketing agent directly by emailing: https://support.ticketfairy.com/hc/en-us

Why is my ticket not appearing in my email inbox?
Tickets should be sent immediately on the successful receipt of payment. For instalment payments, that won’t happen until funds have cleared from your final instalment. If your payment was successfully completed and tickets still haven’t appeared in your Inbox, Junk or Spam folders, please contact https://support.ticketfairy.com/hc/en-us

I’ve purchased tickets from Viagogo, Trademe, Facebook or another unauthorised resale platform. Can I check if they are valid?

We can never guarantee the validity of a ticket that was purchased through a third-party platform. Unfortunately, we’ve had to deny entry in the past to people who purchased fraudulent or duplicate tickets sold on these websites.

I can no longer attend – how can I resell my ticket?
We understand that things pop up unexpectedly. If you do choose to on sell we request that you do so through your own networks, and avoid platforms such as Viagogo, Facebook Marketplace and Trademe. We also ask that you only sell tickets for their face value.

Can I change the name on my ticket?
Sorry, name changes are no longer available, however you can still use the TicketFairy resale to sell your ticket to a new ticket holder.

Does the name on my ticket need to match my ID?

All ticket holders must carry valid Photo ID that matches the name printed on/registered to your ticket.

What’s the difference between General Admission Tier 1 / 2 / 3?
The General Admission Tier reflects the time you have purchased your Electric Avenue Music Festival ticket. We love to reward our early-purchasers with sweet ticket discounts, however all General Admission tiers receive exactly the same access to our great stages, music, bars and attractions at the Festival!

Age Restrictions & ID

Is Electric Avenue Music Festival R18?
Yes, you must be 18 years or above on 26 February 2022.

I’m 17 or younger – can I come if I bring my parent or caregiver?
No, you must be 18 years of age. You cannot attend, even if you are supervised.

Can I bring my dependent child, toddler or infant?
No, all attendees must be aged 18 years or above. The law does not permit infants, toddlers or other small children to attend.

I turn 18 just a couple of days after the festival. Can I attend?
No, you must be 18 years of age on the day of the festival. You cannot attend.

What proof of age ID will you accept?
There are only three types of ID we can accept, all of which must be current and valid on the day of the Festival. They are:

  • NZ Photo Drivers’ Licence
  • NZ or International Passport
  • Kiwi Access Card (previously known as the ‘18+ Card’)


How can I get a Kiwi Access Card?

The Kiwi Access Card (formerly known as the 18+Card) can be used as evidence of age and/or photographic identification in New Zealand. It costs $55 incl GST. You can download an application from their website or pick up in-store from participating AA and NZPost locations.

What makes an ID “current & valid”?
A “valid ID” means any of the three government issued official identification documents that is recognised under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (listed above).
A “current ID” is any “valid ID” that has not expired. Current ID’s have an expiration date that is later than 26 February 2022.


I have lost my approved ID, what can I do?
You must have one of the three forms of approved ID to enter the festival. We cannot accept any other forms of ID whatsoever, so if there’s still time, apply for a new ID (emergency passports are often the quickest option), otherwise, sorry – better luck next year!

Can I use my Birth Certificate, Firearms License and a UC Student ID with my age on it?
No. We can only accept the approved forms of ID as listed above. It’s a law thing, not our choice!

Does the name on my ticket need to match the name on my ID?
Yes, name changes have now been turned off to mitigate scalping. If you are wanting to complete a name change it has to go through the Ticket Fairy resale system.


How can I purchase VIP Tickets?
VIP Experience tickets will be available from authorised ticketing outlets only. No additional VIP Experience tickets will be made available.

Can I purchase a VIP Upgrade for an existing ticket?
Sorry, VIP Upgrades are not available.

Where is the VIP Area located?
The VIP area is located adjacent to the Park Stage. You can come and go from the VIP area throughout the day.

What is included with the VIP Package?
The EA 2021 VIP Package is amongst the most sought after festival experiences in the country. It includes:

  • Priority Entry through the dedicated VIP entry lanes
  • An expanded complimentary bar offering including spirits, RTD’s, Beer, Wine, Cider and Bubbles
  • Unrivalled complimentary festival cuisine to keep you fuelled all day
  • An exclusive courtyard area to relax and unwind between sets
  • Luxury flushing loos
  • Hair & beauty touch-up stations for both Men and Women
  • Arcade games and other exclusive attractions
  • VIP Coat & Bag Check

Getting There

Which part of Hagley Park is the Festival located in?
The venue is in North Hagley Park – the best entrance is via the Armagh Street Bridge.

Can I drive to Electric Avenue Music Festival?
We do not recommend driving to the Festival. There are significant road closures, no-turning and no-parking restrictions. We do expect significant delays around the Festival venue.

Where can I park my vehicle?
We 100% recommend that you do NOT drive to the venue. There is no car parking available within Hagley Park, and street parking is time restricted and monitored closely on the day of the event. Clamping and towing can be expected in the area. There are some nearby parking lots (Wilson’s and Council spaces) which are a good option for those with travelling with a Sober Driver who absolutely must have their vehicle.

Can I ride share to the venue?
Absolutely, use your favourite ride-share app to secure your ride to the Festival. There’s a dedicated ride share drop off point on Rolleston Avenue, right outside the festival entrance. We suggest you request your drop off point at Christ’s College – it’s the closest landmark.

Can I use Public Transport to the venue?
Yes! If you’re on the bus route for bus number 17 – you’re in luck! Route 17 (both Northbound, and Southbound services) cross right past the main entrance. A temporary stop will be in place on Rolleston Avenue for Northbound travellers, while the existing Park Terrace stop will be operating for Southbound travellers – expect delays on this route during peak arrival and departure periods.

The Bus Interchange is just a few minutes’ walk from the venue, and both the Blue Line and number 28 buses travel within a couple of blocks of the main entrance (disembark at any Victoria Street stop).

Can I Lime Scooter to the venue?
Of course you can – we just request that you park these clear of access ways in the signposted Lime Scooter Parking areas.

Are there dedicated buses to the venue?
We have provided dedicated festival buses for attendees who have purchased a UCSA Orientation Combo Pass ONLY. Combo Pass holders must use the buses provided or be denied entry at the gate. Unfortunately, there are no buses for other ticket holders.


What is a UCSA Combo Pass?
The UCSA and Team Event have partnered to offer UCSA Members access to multiple Orientation events and the Electric Avenue Music Festival for a sweet single-ticket price!

Do I have to be a student to purchase a combo pass?
Yes – to purchase this ticket, students must have a Student ID that is issued by the University of Canterbury and valid for the 2022 study year.

Where can I collect my UCSA wristband?
UCSA Combo ticket holders MUST check in at the UCSA Foundry building between 11.00am and 3.00pm on Saturday 26th February 2022 to collect their wristband. UCSA Combo ticket holders cannot use their tickets at the Festival Entrance.

How do UCSA ticket holders get to the venue?
UCSA Combo ticket holders must travel to the Festival venue on the buses provided. These buses are free for UCSA Combo ticket holders.

Which bus can I travel on?
UCSA Combo buses are allocated with your ticket. Ticket holders must arrive at the UCSA Building at least 30mins prior to their Scheduled departure. If you do not make your departure time, we cannot guarantee a space will be available on a later run. Missing your bus will void your Festival ticket and entry is not permitted for UCSA Ticket holders at the Festival Entrance.

When do buses depart?
UCSA Combo buses depart the foundry every half hour – starting at 11.00am. The last bus will depart at 3.00pm. Check your ticket carefully as spaces are allocated on purchase.

Are there buses running later than 3.00pm?
No – the last bus will depart at 3.00pm Sharp. If you have not checked in and boarded a bus at the correct time, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED ENTRY to the festival.

What else is happening at the UCSA Foundry check in location?
The epic team at The Edge Canterbury are stoked to provide UCSA Combo ticket holders with a free BBQ Brunch prior to boarding buses. Come early and visit The Edge Canterbury to grab some food and check out what other sweet activities and giveaways they have for UCSA Combo ticket holders!

What will happen if I try to enter the Festival at the venue with a UCSA Combo ticket?
Any UCSA Combo ticket holder who arrives at the venue without first checking in at the UCSA Foundry and travelling on a supplied bus will be REFUSED ENTRY, without refund.

Do UCSA Combo ticket holders get anything else at the Festival?
You’ve already received your wristband at the UCSA Foundry Check in location, so you can skip the ticketing queue and proceed straight through Security Screening in the dedicated UCSA Combo entrance lanes. You get the same access to our incredible stages, music, markets and activities as every other General Admission ticket holder.


Can I collect and top up my wristband early?
Wristbands can be collected between 3.00pm and 7.00pm on Friday 25th February 2022. The pickup location is at the main entrance to the Festival Venue – North Hagley Park, Christchurch. The best entry is via Armagh Street Bridge. Top ups are available at the same time – Cash and EFTPOS accepted. Please note that no parking is available within Hagley Park for early collections.

What must I bring for early wristband collection?
To collect your wristband on Friday 25th February 2022, you must bring your official Electric Avenue Festival ticket, along with valid ID proving you are aged 18 years or more. The name on your approved form of ID must match the name printed on your ticket. Tickets can be scanned from your phone.

Where is AWOP payment accepted?
All bars, food vendors, merchandise outlets and the Festival General Store accept AWOP payment. You will need to top up your wristband in order to make purchases at the event.

Can I choose to pay with Cash, EFTPOS, or credit instead?
No, none of our bars, vendors or stores accept any other forms of payment – we use AWOP only.

AWOP is a fast, secure way of paying for your drinks, food and merchandise at the festival. It speeds up service meaning you spend less time in queues and prevents us mishandling your cash – the pre-set prices ensure you are never overcharged and all of your transactions are tracked for us to prove where your money was spent.

Can I pre-load money onto my wristband?
If you collect your wristband at the early collection point on Friday, you can top up at the same time. For everyone else, top-ups are available on event day only, from the AWOP bank stations inside the venue.

What payment options are available to top up my wristband?
You can top up your wristband at the AWOP Bank using Cash, EFTPOS and Credit.

What is the activation fee?
The activation fee is a one-time $4.50 charge that you pay with your first top up. You can choose to include it in your top up or pay the extra on top so your full top up value is available to spend.

Do I pay the activation fee every time I add money to my wristband?
No, this is a one-time fee that is only charged the first time you load your wristband. Subsequent top ups are free!

How can I get my money back off my wristband on the day?
Visit any AWOP Bank or Roving AWOP Crew to receive your full balance back immediately. There is no charge for cash refunds at the Festival. A processing fee may apply for online refunds.

I forgot to redeem my money back after the festival, what can I do?
Visit www.awop.co.nz/electric-avenue-2021 to apply for your refund to be deposited directly into your bank account. You will need your chip number, found on the underside of your wristband. Always keep your wristband until the funds have cleared in your account. We will need the chip number if there are any issues with payment.

How long are refunds open after the event?
You have four weeks from the end of the festival to claim your refund. Refunds for the 2021 event close on 27 March 2021.

When will I receive my online refund?
All refunds are processed on the Thursday after your request has been received, meaning the funds should show in your account on the Friday, but some delays can occur from time to time. Please allow up to four business days from the Thursday after your request.

My refund hasn’t appeared yet, how can I track it down?
You’ll need your chip number (found on the underside of your wristband). With this, the AWOP team will be able to trace your payment and troubleshoot whatever is holding up the payment process. Please contact them directly using the contact form on their website. www.awop.co.nz

Conditions Of Entry

What are the Conditions of Entry?
Check out the full Electric Avenue Festival Conditions of Entry HERE.

Can I bring a small personal bag into the venue?
Yes, provided your small personal bag is no bigger than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm in size. We recommend bringing a single-pocket bum bag to hold essential items only. We recommend bringing transparent bags if possible, to speed up your bag check process.

Can I bring a backpack, dufflebag or large rucksack into the venue?
Large bags greater than 30x30x30cm in size are strictly prohibited.

Are there any prohibited items that I cannot bring into the venue?
Check out the full list of prohibited items HERE.


Who is playing in 2022?
The full 2022 artist lineup will be available on our website and social platforms closer to the time. Make sure to sign up to receive all the latest announcements and event information.

When do the gates open?
Gates open at 11.00am on Festival day

When do the gates close?
Gates close at 7.00pm sharp on Festival day. Late entry will not be permitted. You must be inside the festival prior to 7.00pm.

Does the name on my ticket have to match my ID?
Yes. EA2022 Tickets are named; your approved ID must match the name printed on your ticket.

Can I bring my pupper?
Dogs love to rave, we get it. Unfortunately, EA is a strictly human only event.

I need to leave the venue, but want to come back later. Will I be let back in?
No, once you leave the festival that’s it. You won’t be allowed to re-enter the festival. There are strictly no ‘pass outs.’

Can I bring a sealed bottle of water into the Festival?
No, no food or drink is permitted. You may bring one empty plastic drinking water bottle, up to 1L in size. There are plenty of taps inside the venue to fill these up with. Glass, metal and other solid bottles will not be permitted.

Can I bring a bag into the festival?
Small bags, bum bags and handbags up to 30cm x 30cm are permitted inside the festival. Bags larger than 30cm x 30cm will not be permitted.

It’s hot / wet – can I bring an umbrella or parasol?
No, umbrellas are not permitted.

The forecast suggests rain or poor weather, what should I do?
Poor weather is part of the excitement of a live outdoor event. Make sure you check the forecast in advance, prepare with warm clothing and rain protection (Coats or Ponchos) but do not bring a jacket. Weather cover is limited within this venue, so preparedness is your friend.

Can you store my jacket until I get cold?
There is a coat check in VIP only. If you are attending in General Admission, we are unable to store coats or bags. Pack light and bring only what you absolutely need.

I’d like to perform at EAMF – how can I apply?
Please send us a message via email to: info@teamevent.co.nz. Please note; due to the volume of requests we receive of this nature it is not always possible to respond to everyone. We’ll make contact with successful applicants only. To help get your band in front of our team;

Include your name, bio and location
Include a press kit, if you have one
Include your best contact email address
Include links to any Soundcloud, YouTube or other work you have done

Send video material by email
Send duplicate requests
Expect a call back (we’ll only contact acts we wish to book)

Can I apply to volunteer at EA 2022?
Please visit the GET INVOLVED section of this website.

Can I apply for paid roles at EA 2022?
Please visit the GET INVOLVED section of this website.

Can I apply for an internship with Team Event?
We are not accepting interns for the 2022 season.

I own a drone (UAV), can I fly it over the festival?
Unfortunately, the CAA and Christchurch City Council prohibits the use of drones over crowds of this size and over Public Spaces such as Hagley Park. The New Zealand Police have an on-site command station with the ability to terminate unmanned aerial vehicles that fly over this prohibited airspace. We strongly recommend avoiding the Hagley Park area on the day of the event.

Food and Market Vendors

Food and market vendors trading at the 2022 Festival!

  • More information will be available closer to the event.