The Butlers

Coming out of Christchurch. The Butlers picked up a lot of steam in 2019 that included a busy summer festival circuit and opening slots on tour. To kick off 2019, the band has kept the momentum going with the release of their debut self-titled album.

Going from jamming together in various houses to recording at the prestigious Orange Studios, The Butlers found their footing.Although they’ve only been playing together for roughly 18 months, they sound like a life-long band.

A 5 piece act coming out of the surf suburb Sumner, In Christchurch, New Zealand, The Butlers have had a very busy 2 years since they formed.
Nationwide tours, slots on every major festival across the country and tour supprt for some of the biggest acts in the game have already been accomplished, and now they have their sights set on the rest of the world.

Although The Butler’s sit in the surf rock genre more than most, their music goes much deeper, 

“We’re still pretty stumped on how to describe our sound, but there’s definitely some pretty strong elements of Surf Rock in there…To be honest I can’t really tell you how the sound was ‘discovered’ but once we decided to write and perform our own stuff it was all pretty clear between all of us that the genres we convey in our music were the ones we enjoy playing most and the ones that sound best.

We’ve all got such different musical influences, which I guess translates to why we have heaps of genres threaded through the music, particularly in the new album. The surf rock sound I guess has something to do with us all being into surfing and living in a small suburb called Sumner where everyone loves to surf too.”

Although they’ve only been playing together for roughly 18 months, with some members who got their start playing in cafes and cars, and others bring in a veteran presence and a niche ability to play the saxophone, one thing for sure they’ve found their winning formula, they sound like a life-long band.