DILLASTRATE just can’t sit still.

Driven by a deep love for live performance, the New Zealand duo has toured extensively, as well as regularly supporting Kiwi greats such as Katchafire and Sons of Zion on their national tours. The duo has also frequently played an intimidating number of staple New Zealand music festival stages, including Northern Bass, Rhythm & Vines and Electric Avenue. A live performance by the duo ensures that no foot is left untapping, with entire venues transitioning from stationary to dancing-their-arsesoff in a matter of one song. This includes return performances by popular demand at New Years’ Eve in Hagley Park, Christchurch, which have seen the group perform their high-energy, funk-laced set to 23,000 eager listeners. With the recent addition of rapper LUIS to the fold, Dillastrate have crafted their live set into a high-impact beast not to be missed, and certainly not to be forgotten any time soon.

Dillastrate’s signature sound is a product of intense refinement and humanizing machines, combining modern digital sounds with analogue soul to provide the best of both worlds. A heavy hat tip to funk legends Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson mingles with current soul, hip-hop, jazz and electronic sounds that seems to leave audiences open-mouthed and itching for more.

Dillastrate have recently emerged triumphantly from the recording studio, with their latest offering Narrative EP already experiencing significant uptake across New Zealand. The singles ‘Party In My Head’, ‘Scorch (feat LUIS)’ and ‘Through The Vein’ have already received critical attention and have been among some of the fastest climbing New Zealand singles in 2021. This release follows their debut album, Dillastrate (self-titled), which captured both the most energetic and most intimate aspects of Dillastrate, achieving critical acclaim, including a nomination for the Taite Music Prize. Previous releases include the fan-favourite ‘Black Diamond EP’ (Delicious Music) and one-off single ‘I Don’t Care’ (recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios in Auckland). Catch them live while you can – they don’t stay in one place for long!