Lime Cordiale

They say there’s an innate bond between siblings, a relationship is forged that can last a lifetime. Now, take that intuitive understanding and translate it into music; magic can happen. Such is the case for brothers Louis and Oli Leimbach, better known as Lime Cordiale. Today, they are just months from releasing their long-awaited debut album, “Permanent Vacation”. But their relationship, connection through music and planet earth, stretches much farther back.

Growing up within a creative, musical family on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it was natural for the pair to make music together. “Not everyone is born from the genitals of parents that want you to have a life in the arts” says Oli.

Lime Cordiale have played in the US at SXSW and CMJ, plus countless sold out shows and tours across Australia, supporting the likes of Sticky Fingers, Ball Park Music, The Rubens and most recently Bootleg Rascal. Though they haven’t forgot how it all began, Oli tells “many of our shows just feel like parties with our mates” and that theme has been ever-present as the band has developed over the years. Keeping the grass roots vibes strong, the band keep a strong dialogue with their audience on social media, “we seek advice, a bed, a hang out… all sorts of things” Oli continued.

The boys note that most Australian’s (including themselves) aren’t afraid to say what they feel, and touching on their time in the States, they recalled a moment where they were kicked off the US University Circuit, Oli reflects “we got in trouble for singing ‘Bullshit Aside’ – I don’t know what the big deal is. Especially when Christian radio stations breathe bullshit full-time”.