The name Big Sima is synonymous with Christchurch hiphop – starting out as a bboy in the early 2000’s, he has since made a name for himself as an MC who cut his teeth on the battlegrounds around mainly Christchurch, but often beyond.

With over ten years’ worth of grind and dedication under his belt, in 2018 Big Sima was granted an opportunity to work with longtime friend and acclaimed producer Tiki Taane. Together they birthed their maiden project “Underground King”, which has to date amassed over one million total streams across all platforms, and two entries in the hot Aotearoa/NZ single chart. Last year Big Sima also achieved a milestone success with two sold out headline shows and recently took the stage beside Taane and the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra in front of a soldout Christchurch Town Hall audience.

Standing by his values in speaking out against common issues that continue to plague society, Big Sima addresses both racism and drug addiction through his current work on his debut album “Stereotypes of A Polynesian Misunderstood” which is set for release Feb 2022.