Beacon Bloom

Beacon Bloom

BEACON BLOOM is the musical outlet of New Zealand natives Ryan Ferris & James Allen.
Ryan has spent the last 5 years in 22 countries as a musical nomad – writing and performing in the opposite seasons of Australasia and Europe. Born in the UK and bred in NZ, James is a lawyer by day and multi-instrumentalist by night – music is ever present in his veins.

The early hours of Berlin, haziness of Lisbon, the hum of Prague and Sydney and the sleepiness of hometown Christchurch have all culminated in BEACON BLOOM – a bedrock of groove and punchy bass; layered and soaring vocals cresting over wavey analog synths. Electronica carved from pop, chillwave, space disco, house and funk.

BEACON BLOOM debuted their live show in November 2018 to a packed out crowd at a multi-zone mini festival held at a secret location in Christchurch. In Dec 2018 ‘JOBIM’ which was picked up by 4 radio stations around New Zealand, spawned two radio interviews and was play-listed by leading Australian electronic music blog STONEY ROADS. Following in February 2019 was ‘MATERIA (Live)’ a boiler room-esk video shot at Beacon Bloom’s launch show in November.

HAPPY MAG AUSTRALIA wrote a piece on the track alongside MUZIC and NZ MUSICIAN. These releases were be followed by ‘ROCKET’ in June which gained significant airplay across NZ. LITTLE KINGDOM will be released in October and ARE YOU READY FOR HER as a summer release.

To kick start a NZ festival tour the band will perform at and curate a stage at “SOMETHING ELSE FESTIVAL’ followed by performances at ELECTRIC AVENUE, CUBA DUBA, KIWI BURN & AUTUMN ARENA plus more in the pipeline.

The New Zealand festival season will be followed by a Germany tour and multiple German festival dates including the prestigious NBG POP industry festival. This will coincide with release of their debut E.P of all new music.